The Best Sex Positions

Here are the top 3 The Best Sex Positions for G spot orgasm:

The Slow Climb Sex Positions 300x230 The Best Sex Positions

The Slow Climb Sex Positions

Slow Climb

Woman lies at the corner of the bed. As she tilts her hips up, man goes through from the front. While man moves back and forth, a woman lays her feet on the shoulder of her partner.

This position, the A spot and G spot on cervix are in place for intense stimulation. For a man who is not well endowed, tell her to cross her ankles, it is a remarkable way to make tight fit that can be thrilling for both partners.  This allows man to keep busy on the clitoris.

From Behind Sex Position 262x300 The Best Sex Positions

From Behind

Tell her to step down. Man should position behind woman in order that his penis and the vaginal way are similar or parallel.

And while driving, try to alter between fast and slow driving. This is to tease the spot with the rock hard erection.

The G Force Sex Position The Best Sex Positions

The G-Force Sex Position


A woman should lie on her back, and her partner keeps in a half kneeling pose in the face of her. Tell her to stretch her leg and flex the other one on her knee.

Come in from the front, and hold the left knee for assistance.  This position makes sure the G spot gets generous friction, this gives a remarkable orgasm.

Latest survey stated that more than 50 percent of girls have dumped their partner or refused to have sexual intercourse due to their small size of penis.

If the penis doesn’t measure up, it might be hard for men to give a satisfying orgasm.  So the best thing to do is to find ways to enlarge the size of the penis and afterwards master these techniques.

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